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Monday, September 26, 2005

The adventure starts soon!!!

To readers who haven't heard or read about it yet, I did get the internship I mentioned in my last post!!! Actually, it took about 5 or 6 weeks from contacting some Dutch people to actually getting the job at Asahi Kasei! Compare this to the 8 months I have been searching through AIESEC! My internship will revolve around voice recognition (link).

I have had a lot of luck and it came just at the right moment. Already I was planning my trip through Russia before having any certainty regarding jobs in Japan. Maybe it had to be - quoting a good friend of mine ;)

My job starts December 5th - which some people will recognize as Sinterklaas (St.Nicolas) ;) I will be leaving the Netherlands for Paris on October the 11th, then get a plane to Estonia the 18th and enter Russia the 19th. After visiting St.Petersburg and Moscow the dates are not certain yet. The plan is to visit lake Bajkal, arrive at Vladivostok and get a ferry to Japan November 14th, arriving at Fushiki the 16th. The most incredible thing is that I will only have to take a train for half an hour to get to my grandparents, out of all places in Japan!! Actually, this started the idea for the whole trip. I found out about this ferry and then backtracked to St.Petersburg through the Transsiberian. In Japan I will have about 2,5 weeks to visit and stay at my family before starting to work.

Of course, I will keep you informed and update this blog more often than 4 times a year :) Comments are more than welcome!