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Friday, August 19, 2005

Japan plans materializing

For the lonely reader still checking out this blog:

The plans for Japan have started getting real. Through an amazing link of contacts, I have applied for an internship in a big Japanese company near Tokyo. I would work there on speech recognition for Dutch (!). The conditions seem to be nice, as well as the work, even if the payroll is not very high. But that is not my aim of course! I have been hopeful for other internships too, but this seems to be the best. So I hope to hear soon from them.

And I have more or less a good idea of how I want to organize my trip through Russia: arrive at St.Petersburg somehow (maybe through Helsinki or Talinn), continue to Moscow and check out the area. Then travel the two thirds of the transsiberian route to Irkutsk (Lake Bajkal) and stay a couple of days there. After this finish the route to Vladivostok and get the boat to Japan, to a small harbour just half an hour away by car from my grandparents.

Things are looking positive after a couple of months of low activity!