Liou's quiet little life...or is it?

Saturday, June 04, 2005

About to move house

It has been more than three weeks since I sprained my ankle. Last Monday I finally went to the doctor, as he was available again after the strikes two weeks ago. He sent me to the hospital to have x-ray photo's made. This to be sure there was no fracture. Fortunately, there wasn't but apparently I have a rupture in my ankle ligaments (Dutch: gescheurde enkelbanden). They taped me and now I have to walk as much as I can to let the ligaments and muscle heal faster.

I must say I am very happy to walk again! It's about 1 km/h, but I feel much more autonomous than when I had to hump around on one foot! Next week I'll be moving to my new room in the East of Amsterdam, so I am glad that I am more mobile gain.