Liou's quiet little life...or is it?

Monday, May 16, 2005

Mexican metal concert -> stuck with sprain ankle :(

Well... Arturo had me listen to and watch some music and video clips of the Spanish metal/rap-band Molotov. It sounded pretty cool, like a Mexican version of The Bloodhound Gang. So when I saw they were playing in the Melkweg I suggested going and seeing them, which Arturo really found a good idea! So Friday (the 13th!!!) we went and see the concert, together with my friend Mirella and her Frysian boyfriend Tijs. It was in the smaller concert hall with a lot of Mexicans and other hispanic looking people (Spanish, Central-American probably). I hardly knew their song, but it was clear that the concert versions were much more metal than the album ones!!! From start to end it was more of a metal concert. This resulted in a lot of pogoing of course. And with the second-last song I decided to join in: bad idea....

After less than 20 seconds of jumping I was probably pushed while in the air. Because of this I landed on my right foot at a wrong angle, causing it to snap inwards. When I say snap, that is exactly how it felt. I suddenly knew this was bad and went to the first help, one of the security guys. He saw that I could still stand on it and told me it was sprained (as I expected) and gave me some ice to put on it. 5 minutes later the concert had ended. Actually, I was 'kind of lucky' that it didn't happen at the beginning, so I could still see most of the show.

But the story hasn't ended yet, since I am still at home with a purple, thick foot and I am still unable to walk on it :( The swelling is slowly disappearing, but very slowly... The f**ked up part is that I won't be able to badminton and do salsa for a couple of weeks now :'( Well, no more pogoing for this old lad...

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

News from the living

I am very sorry for not writing for such a long time, but it was the last thing on my mind. Anyway, I find writing a blog a bit too narcistic for my taste. Reading other people's blog actually makes me fed up really fast, so that's also why I am not so keen on writing one.

Well, anyway just some short news. First of all, I've got a new room / appartment in the East part of Amsterdam (Oost / Watergraafsmeer for those familiar with Amsterdam). I was not so sure on taking it, but I finally did. One of my doubts concerned my (hopefully quick) departure to Japan. Why should I find another room if I will stay in Japan for a unknown period of time? But as it so hard finding a nice place in Amsterdam, I decided to take it anyway and see how things go. Maybe I won't go soon to Japan or I'll come back earlier than expected.

Secondly, I really, really want to go to Japan. I have been offered a job at the Vrije Universiteit. This would consist of improving the website of the Computer Science Department. But this is not really too interesting and would last 9 to 12 months. It would offer me some stable income and money for that period, but that's not my main aim. So I'll probably decline (I have until next Tuesday to decide). For once, I will not make a rational choice but go with my guts.

Well, I'll try to update you sooner.

PS. Some picture from Ardi's after-wedding party. She is my best female friend and got married here in amsterdam to her American fiancee. I still have to develop the black&white films...