Liou's quiet little life...or is it?

Friday, February 25, 2005

Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers in action!

Just came back home from an incredible concert! It just passed away without any notion of time at all. Suddenly we were two hours later, and for my feeling it could have been 5 minutes or 3 hours. The Chem.Brothers are definitely the best electronica act I have seen so far! Not that I have seen many, and it will difficult to find a better one.

Mesmerized crowd

The set was certainly preprogrammed, and they were just turning the filters and oscillators. But they were doing that very well indeed! I embarked on a odyssey through melody, beat and visuals. The video part was incredible, that's what VJ-ing is really about. Not repeating the same 3-second sample for 10 minutes, but alternating and using the right images that go with the music!

Nice abstract image

And the Heineken Music Hall was nice as well. I expected a packed crowd, but they was enough space. At the beginning there was an aggressive mood with antipathic people around us. But this soon cleared up, especially when the music came through!

Me, my housemates and my friend Daan

Wonderful, it will be difficult to re-experience an electronic concert that good.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Quick update

Sorry for not writing for such a long time! Just a quick update, as I am on holiday in Italy now. I am staying at Riccardo's parents, he graduated last Thursday and I came to visit him. Next Tuesday I'll take the plane back and stay at a friend's place in Brussels.

It's really nice to see my friend again and enjoy Italian food! The weather is the same as in the Netherlands, but I don't mind at all.

I got some good news from AIESEC, the organisation through which I am searching for internships in Japan. I got two positive reactions, both in Japan! One consists of correcting contracts written in English, the other programming. It's not really what I want to do for a living, but it's a start! It's really difficult getting a job in Japan, even more so if I want something specifically in multimedia. If I am already there, I could start searching for other options....

Thursday, February 03, 2005

YES! I am right, ladies and gentlemen

I am completely tired, but in a nice satisfactory way. First, I worked on all the stuff I needed to organize for tomorrow's presentations. This will conclude the webdesign course for the students, while I'll have to check all the documents and websites! I hope to finish in one week.

But more importantly, I finally got the result of the public hearing! And they said I was right! It's all in 'legalese', but the decision I made a complaint about (which consists of my list of grades) has been declared invalid. So they will have to make a new one, which in some way must represent the courses done in Italy. And yes, it feels good! It was quite probable they would decide in my favour, but I feared the newspaper or the department of Education would still have had some influence. But fortunately this was not the case.

To end the day, a link to how the first Macintosh presentation (via had a major impact on the audience. It's all the same over again (iPod, iMac, MiniMac) but 20 years ago, Steve Jobs with butterfly tie and all :)

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Discipline, discipline

This is one of my weaker points. I have been to a mini-lecture about leadership where they explained the distinction between important and urgent. If you do not plan well, too much important things become urgent as well, resulting in a lot of stress. That's a good New Year's resolution: do important things before they are urgent.

This weekend I bought a ticket for Italy, where I will visit my good friend Riccardo for his graduation. This will be definitely a great party, and I will try to have the grades for my course students ready before!